Saturday, February 10, 2018

Lemony Light

What I see from the window above the kitchen sink. When I catch this moment of late afternoon light it makes washing up dishes a happy task. Do you look for these moments? The weather, the lighting, the timing don't always provide them so I caught it with paint. Available here.

Monday, February 05, 2018

The No Tickets Pizza Day

Of course there's a story. It was a rainy day and my husband and I drove into Manhattan with the idea of a Broadway matinee but the TKTS booth was sold out of whatever we'd wanted to see. We took off in the direction of downtown but passed crowds queued up for the Tribeca Film Festival! Yes! We stood in an info line, stood in another line to get tickets, and another line to be called for standby but left without seeing anything but lines. We headed toward the museum downtown again  but got stuck in a lane that took us onto the Brooklyn Bridge. On the other side is DUMBO...and Grimaldi's Pizza! Was getting caught in the no-way-out lane accidental, Mark? Excellent pizza and NO tickets.